Car City


CAR CITY 2017!

We have raised over $16,000 so far! Donations are being accepted until June 1st. Click HERE to support Car City.

This year's Car City brought together about 100 people to enjoy a night of music and fun while remembering those who are faced with homelessness.  On a cold and rainy night, 40 people ranging from 8 to 85 years old slept in their cars to raise awareness of family homelessness. 

Our panel of RAIHN graduates shared their experiences about their time in our shelter, bringing both tears of sorrow and joy to the listeners' eyes. One mother wrote a poem about her experience with RAIHN, while another shared her journey from addiction to stability, living in the same home for the last 5 years. In addition, we had photography by Michele Ashlee, dinner provided by Tasteful Connections, a car decorating contest (despite the rain!), Car-aoke and a Photo Booth fun by Creekside Entertainment, Bedtime Yoga by Drish Ti Yoga, and much more!

Car City gives the community an opportunity to learn about family homelessness in a meaningful, hands-on way by sleeping overnight in their cars.  Similar to the idea of a walk-a-thon, participants in Car City raise a registration fee plus pledges to benefit RAIHN. 

Since 2012 Michele Ashlee has found herself impassioned with the lens. she lends her documentarty style photography hopes to bringing awareness to the ever growing societal, economical and political issues that those in our marginalized communities face every single day. Her work is just as much of an act of love as it is solidarity for those who remain under scrupulous critcism.

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For more information, contact or call 585-506-9050.

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